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Shine as bright as a diamond with this dazzling floriental fragrance. Created as a perfect match, Cleopatra is fun and feisty, turning heads as soon as she enters the room. A bold and beautiful scent that pays homage to the power perfumes of the past.

The impressive projection and longevity of the fragrance reflect the strength and dynamism of the wearer. It is a scent for women who want to be noticed.

Cleopatra is an unapologetic fragrance that is all woman. Like a scarlet red lipstick, it’s the go-to choice to feel polished and dressed. Wear on an evening out or to a special occasion to feel like a million dollars.

Classic chypre accords in Cleoptra scream class and sophistication. Worn to the office, the scent gives an aura of ambition. The perfume oil is the epitome of confidence in a bottle. Wear Cleopatra to release the diva inside!

-Top notes (peppermint, green apple, lemon)
-Heartnuts (tonka bean, ambrox, pelican)
-Base notes (vanilla, cedar -African and American, vetergrass, oakmoss)


heart notes

Top Notes

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About us
At Bens Fragrance you step into a mystical world of perfume and fragrances. A place where the origins of perfumery have not been lost sight of. A place where you go back to the essence. Explore the unknown and take paths you have not yet taken. Experience the quality of pure perfume oil. A few drops that leave a trail behind you wherever you are throughout the day. Our range has been carefully selected to offer you the most delicious scents. Arabian Scent is not just a place where you can find oriental perfumes, but a place where worlds come together. Our scents vary from traditional oriental to a mix of western and eastern influences, to traditional western scents. We are happy to assist you and we are happy to help you make a choice.

Why perfume oil?
Perfume oil is the essence of a fragrance that is dissolved in a certain amount of alcohol. This forms the basis for a perfume with a vaporizer (spray bottle). When applying the perfume, the alcohol evaporates and the perfume oil stays on your skin, this is what gives off the fragrance. The benefits of perfume oil include moisturizing the skin. Perfumes with alcohol sometimes want to dry out the skin. In addition, oil stays on the skin for a very long time because it does not evaporate but is absorbed. Moreover, the life of a perfume oil is very long, 5 milliliters can last up to 6 months with moderate use

With Roll-On applicator
Perfume extract (or Perfume) is the most noble category in perfumery since it can reach a concentration of 100%. Each skin will react in a unique way to its scent. Powerful, the Perfume extract is made to sublimate and softly cover your skin.

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5 ml, 10 ml


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