Our Story


We are Ben’s Fragrance

A super fresh and speck-splinter-brand-nail-brand new name in perfumery and cosmetics. We come from Belgium and try to connect the Western world and the Middle East through our products.  Working with a team of highly skilled perfumers, Bens Fragrance produce an exclusive range of pure fine oils, Eau de Parfum and home fragrances for the discerning customer. We are a young and ambitious company that does its utmost to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments and to inform our customers about them. Natural cosmetics Natural and high-quality ingredients are Ben’s Fragrance’s philosophy. 

The development of perfumery over the centuries.

Fragrant oils and cologne have a history that goes back as far as that of the oldest civilizations. As far back as ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India, flowers were used to extract perfume, and the Old Testament also makes several references to the cleansing aspect of frankincense and fragrant resin. The three wise men who, according to the Gospel of Matthew, visited the infant Jesus, brought fragrant resins with them as a gift. The fragrance trade mainly took place along the ancient trade routes in the Middle East and Central Asia. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, individual perfume use was already highly appreciated. In the centuries that followed, the Arabs refined and improved the extraction methods of perfumes and many new fragrances found their way to perfumery. It was from the Arab world that the use of perfumes spread to other areas, such as Europe and China. Once arrived in France, a lively perfume industry arose there that has remained a leader to this day. In addition, a perfume tradition of its own has been maintained in the Middle East, which has grown strongly in the 21st century.


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